The Side Kick
The Side Kick
The Side Kick
The Side Kick
The Side Kick

The Side Kick

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The Side Kick is the all around buddy you want right by your side for every adventure! Made to hold your concentrates and dry matter, this tray will never short you. Clean and discreet on the outside, this tray is high quality all around. The hinged design allows you to pack up your containers, stash your flavors, and set up a sesh wherever you go! 


  • Rubber sealed lid and magnets keep contents fresh, and secure
  • Additional internal storage area with lid with rubber seal (Held tightly in place by 4 magnets)
  • Mini BiC cutout with magnet
  • Cutout groove for cones, concentrate pens, or extra tools
  • Pre drilled holes for cones, and dabber hold
  • Retaining lid magnet

The Side Kick includes:

  • One hitter
  • Titanium tool
  • Two (2) Small KT Divider Pro

Popular Add Ons:

  • Small 2pc Phoenecian grinder 
  • Kindtray Mini BiC lighter
  • Pre Rolled Cones